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Our ESG priorities represent the Maj Invest Group ESG focus. It is important that our ESG priorities are areas where we believe that we can truly make a difference, one that can be quantified through actions and measurable outcomes. Data in this field is often challenging and inaccessible, but we are committed to progressing in this direction, striving to improve every single day.

These priorities influence various aspects of our operations, including our product offering, investment processes and internal initiatives. We offer products for investors who are passionate about these topics. Our ESG priorities also guide our risk assessments for potential investments and drive our internal initiatives.

Climate and environment

The significance of Climate and Environment to us is self-evident. Our product offerings reflect a strong emphasis on the green transition, focusing particularly on investing in technologies and companies essential for spearheading this shift towards sustainability.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion hold significant importance for us. Since 2011, we’ve been investing in microfinance and financial inclusion, focusing on economic growth and addressing inequalities. Inside our walls, we foster equality and diverse perspectives, maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit with a strong focus on innovation.

Global health

We support initiatives tackling global health challenges, promoting healthcare access, and fostering resilient communities worldwide. An example is our strong involvement in the life science sector, driven by scientific breakthroughs and advancements in healthcare.