Our approach

A proven, hands-on approach executed by a dedicated and experienced team, focused on creating operational value. We are committed to driving transformational change through a structured and systematic methodology.

Chosen for our Nordic heritage, impact focus, and business savvy

We're a leading Danish equity investor in financial inclusion, known for our reliability and collaborative approach. Specializing in minority positions, we focus on primary capital injections in financial enterprises in developing countries. Owners and management retain ownership, partnering with us and like-minded shareholders. Our experience offers invaluable guidance, support, insights, and networking for thriving partnerships

Empowering Minority Investors with Expertise

We have carefully developed and fine-tuned a proven, hands-on, and systematic approach to value creation tailored to our segment. Our model consists of a roadmap for success, a versatile toolbox, and well-defined governance structures


Our value creation roadmap defines the processes and milestones from pre-investment to exit that help drive pace and effectiveness in value creation


Our toolbox equips our management teams with frameworks & tools, inspirational workshops, and access to a network of specialists ensuring structure and systematics in value creation


Our governance model professionalizes data collection and reporting, instates a high-caliber board of directors, and ensures careful monitoring of progress through close collaboration and timely reviews 

We support our companies across the full spectrum of value creation

Operational excellence

Our value creation framework includes levers such as revenue enhancements, management changes, pricing, cost improvements, strategic realignment, and add-on acquisitions. We focus on transforming operations and fine-tuning processes to ensure scalable and profitable growth, helping build better companies.


We ensure our companies' IT infrastructures support scalable growth and capitalize on AI potential. We aim to drive digital transformation, developing portfolio companies into industry-leading digital leaders in financial services

Sustainable excellence

We foster sustainable revenue growth for our companies by targeting the significant underserved client segment outside the formal economy. Additionally, we enhance operational sustainability by leveraging key value creation strategies that promote financial inclusion.