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Investment Strategies

Our primary goal is to ensure the highest possible returns for our investment strategies, respecting the individual risk profile across equities, bonds, and alternative investment strategies. Our strategies for listed investments are offered both through the mutual fund Investeringsforeningen Maj Invest and as discretionary products tailored to the specific preferences and financial circumstances of each customer.

Benchmark Strategies

Our benchmark strategies are intended to provide access to the underlying asset class while outperforming a market index. Performance depends on market trends, but our managers use an extended toolkit to minimize losses and reduce the volatility of returns.

  • Danish Equities
  • Global Growth Equities
  • Global Value Equities
  • Global Equities - Non-fossil
  • Emerging Markets Value Equities
Fixed Income
  • Danish Bonds
  • Global Agg. Bonds
  • Global High Income Bonds
  • Global Green Bonds

Balanced Strategies

Our balanced strategies aim to achieve an optimal balance between risk and return by investing in a mix of assets, typically equities and bonds. This approach seeks to reduce volatility and risk by diversifying the portfolio while striving to achieve stable and long-term growth. Balanced strategies are designed to provide investors with more stable returns over time while protecting against large fluctuations in the market.


  • Asset Allocation
  • Pension
  • Big Picture

Thematic/ETF Strategies

The objective of a thematic strategy is to provide investors with exposure to specific themes, sectors, or trends expected to experience significant growth, such as technology, sustainability, health, or other innovative sectors. These strategies are composed as diversified portfolios, spreading risk by investing in a portfolio of equities within a specific theme instead of focusing on individual companies.

We offer both actively managed thematic strategies and index-like products in the UCITS ETF series.

Thematic Strategies
  • Net Zero 2050
  • Planet & People
  • AI & Semiconductor
  • Defence & Cybersecurity

For further information contact:

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Managing Director, Head of Asset Management

Klaus Godiksen

Phone:  +44 777 180 7644