Our approach

We are segment specialists leveraging our fine-tuned partnership model, our proven and replicable approach to value creation, and our integrated focus on ESG, all carefully developed over the course of many years of experience

A preferred partner for Danish SMEs

We have carefully cultivated a reputation as a reliable, collaborative, and value-adding partner for companies. We take a flexible approach to transaction structures and make investments in companies where owners and management retain a sizeable share of ownership and wish to embark on the next phase of their journey alongside us. Our years of experience allows us to offer the guidance, support, insight and networks necessary for fruitful partnerships

Why companies partner with MIE

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Anders Cleemann

CEO Muuto

We had a very successful journey with MIE and the partnership worked extremely well. First, we felt that we were always united in the board room, and that focus was always on helping mgmt. in developing the company. Second, MIE were very adept at sensing exactly the type of business we were, providing relevant expertise, in addition to simple and effective tools, so we always had the right mix of infrastructure and growth ambitions

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Trine Andersen

Founder ferm LIVING

Looking for a potential investor is a big and important milestone in the journey of your company’s development. For us it was especially important that there was good chemistry with the people that we were going to work with. It was crucial for us, that we could envision a collaboration with a majority investor who shared our values and visions. From the very first meeting with Maj Invest it was obvious that they were a relevant and interesting candidate of being our next partner, where we would be able to maintain our current culture and values, all while getting professional and competent sparring and great industry insight

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Per Larsen

Founder DK-Foods

Initially, we were very hesitant to join forces with a financial partner, but the Maj Invest reputation and capabilities as well as the strong respect they showed towards us and our company, gave us comfort that they could provide what we were looking for, and that we would complement one another very well.

Hands-on and systematic value creation

We have carefully developed and fine-tuned a proven, hands-on, and systematic approach to value creation tailored to our segment. Our model consists of a roadmap for success, a versatile toolbox and well-defined governance structures


Our value creation roadmap defines the processes and milestones from pre-investment to exit that help drive pace and effectiveness in value creation


Our toolbox equips our management teams with frameworks & tools, inspirational workshops, and access to a network of specialists ensuring structure and systematics in value creation


Our governance model professionalizes data collection and reporting, instates a high-caliber board of directors, and ensures careful monitoring of progress through close collaboration and timely reviews 

We support our companies across the full spectrum of value creation


We always invest with the ambition of developing bigger companies. We help our companies sharpen their strategic focus, establish themselves in new markets and engage in acquisitions

Operational excellence

We help build better companies with a keen focus on transforming operations. We help our companies fine-tune their processes to ensure scalable and profitable growth


We ensure that the IT infrastructures of our companies lay the foundation for scalable growth, and we support our companies in capitalizing on the potential of artificial intelligence.


We help our companies make ESG and business development go hand-in-hand. We truly believe that a vital part of value creation will be generated from an ambitious approach to ESG