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Institutional investors

For decades, we have helped leading institutional investors in Denmark, Europe, and North America with investment solutions which have contributed to creating a good risk-adjusted return. We are proud to be a trusted partner, working closely with our clients to create individual solutions meeting their investment goals.

We work closely with institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies, as well as funds, family offices, financial institutions, and consultants to provide them with access to our high-quality advisory services and investment products.

We have many years of experience handling customized mandates, which today constitute the majority of our assets under management.

Our Investment Solutions

We provide professionally well-founded and independent investment advisory services and product solutions. These solutions include a wide range of equity and bond strategies, as well as thematic, balanced, and alternative investment products. Our investment solutions are managed by independent investment teams that conduct their own research and integrate ESG, combined with in-depth fundamental analysis, disciplined processes, and risk management.

It is our belief that thorough research and a well-designed investment process lead to strong long-term performance for the benefit of our partnerships, investors, and the companies we collaborate with.

Investment Advisory Services and Management

If you want to know more about our investment solutions and how we can help you achieve strong risk-adjusted investment returns, please contact us.

For further information contact:

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Managing Director, Head of Asset Management

Klaus Godiksen

Phone:  +44 777 180 7644