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Value creation

Our value creation philosophy is based on operational value creation. We prioritise long-term industrial and operational value creation and implement the most significant long-term initiatives. We focus on driving growth in our companies.

The right team
We spend considerable time and resources on securing the right team, both as far as management and the board of directors are concerned. We make a virtue of defining the core competencies required for the portfolio company in a given situation. We are able to draw on a large network of highly competent business executives with proven track records.

Plans and objectives prior to investing
Thorough alignment of interests and expectations with the other stakeholders, including management, is one of our key focus points. Before making an investment, we spend considerable resources analysing, discussing and agreeing on the actions to be made after we have invested. Our plans, ambitions and objectives are always transparent and aligned before making investments, providing all parties with clarity and confidence when working towards a common goal.

Clear focus on strategic agenda
We are dedicated to formulating and pursuing a number of crucial objectives for each investment. We keep focusing on the strategic agenda throughout our entire holding period, which helps to ensure focus on operational value drivers as well as an attractive return on investment.