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The five private equity funds LD Equity 1 K/S, LD Equity 2 K/S, LD Equity 3 K/SMaj Invest Equity 4 K/S and Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S are owned by a wide group of primarily institutional investors, including pension funds and various other funds.

Below is a specification of the group of owners of Maj Invest Equity’s fund Maj Invest Equity 4 K/S.

Investors Ownership
Fund of funds                         37%
Foundations & endowments 31%
Pension funds           23%
Maj Invest team & Maj Invest Holding 5%
Banks 2%
Family offices 2%



Please contact Partner Thomas Riis on +45 33 38 73 58 or for more information on Maj Invest Equity's existing or new funds.

Active Owners Denmark

Maj Invest Equity has adopted the guidelines prepared by Active Owners Denmark (formerly known as Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) on responsible ownership, among other things.