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Sector:Consumer goods
Entry year:2019
Fund:Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S
Other shareholders:Management and board of directors

CEO:Christian Ernemann
Chairman:Per Dollerup Mikkelsen
Maj Invest contact:Thomas Riis

EBITDA:EUR 2.7 million

Business model

Wendelbo is a successful Danish design company that designs, produces and markets furniture, including primarily sofas, chairs and tables. The focus is Scandinavian design and a strong Danish tradition for craftsmanship – and accommodates an international demand for furniture that combines innovation and functionality, modern design and history. Wendelbo's furniture is sold globally through approximately 200 distributors with North America being the largest market. In recent years, the company has achieved two-digit growth rates in both turnover and earnings across products, distribution channels and geographic markets, reflecting both an increase in turnover as well as success with the launch of new designs. Wendelbo's designs are developed in cooperation with Wendelbo's design team and recognized international designers, and production takes place at Wendelbo's own production facilities in Vietnam.