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Sector:Travel & leisure
Entry year:2017
Fund:Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S
Other shareholders:Management (CEO & chairman of board)

CEO:Claus Palmgren Jessen
Chairman:Kurt Kvorning
Maj Invest contact:Niels Toft

Revenue:DKK 29 million
EBITDA:DKK -7 million

Business model

TourCompass is an online travel agency offering clients adventure tours to destinations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Tours are sold under the TourCompass brand through the company's national websites (in Denmark: and through personal advisory services from experienced travel consultants, and are marketed towards clients in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, England, and Holland. TourCompass has built up strong competences within marketing of tours on digital media and has continually developed best-of-breed software, providing fast and efficient handling of client requests, a high degree of automatisation and high productivity. The digital business model, great travel experiences and a very high degree of customer satisfaction have formed the basis for positive results. Thus, TourCompass has consequently delivered high organic growth rates since the company was established in 2006.