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Investment strategy

Maj Invest Equity provides advisory services regarding investments in Danish companies with an enterprise value above EUR 13 million. We primarily focus on value creation in companies with revenues between EUR 13 million and EUR 130 million. We cover a wide range of industries, excluding biotech and property.

We have developed a systematic investment approach, and each company is assessed individually.

By making private equity investments as both minority and majority investor and persistently seeking to forge partnerships, Maj Invest Equity’s business model differs from most other private equity investors. The flexible ownership model and our partnership approach make us a preferred partner for Danish small and medium-sized companies.

Our flexible approach provides access to a broader deal flow than most other financial investors in our market.

Making small companies grow is at the heart of everything we do. The funds typically invest in companies in which the existing owners wish to realise part of their investment and release the company’s full potential in cooperation with a dynamic partner contributing with more than just capital. We often build partnerships with companies searching for growth, additional capital and new competencies.

Majority and minority ownership
We do not necessarily aim for a controlling interest. We make a case-by-case assessment in each individual investment. The funds typically invest in ownership stakes of 40-90%.