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About Private Equity

Maj Invest Equity benefits from many years of experience, knowledge and a wide network of business executives from investments in small and medium-sized companies in Denmark. The total committed capital from investors in our private equity funds is approx. EUR 590 million, making Maj Invest Equity Denmark’s largest investor in small and medium-sized companies.

Since 2005 we have provided investment advisory services regarding more than 35 platform companies, and in that same period we have exited more than 40 companies. Our current portfolio consists of 10 companies. Our many investments in diverse industries over many years have provided us with an experienced and a unique network, which we actively draw on to identify attractive investment opportunities and maximise value creation in existing investments.

As part of the Maj Invest group, Maj Invest Equity's approach is based on the same principles as the principles for responsible investment, the PRI. As part of being a signatory to the PRI, Maj Invest each year publishes a report. Read the most recent RI Transparency Report.

Investment focus and team
Our investment focus is based on long-term partnerships as well as strategic and operational improvements. We focus on small and medium-sized companies in Denmark with typical revenues of EUR 13 million to EUR 130 million. Simply put, we specialise in making small companies grow.

Maj Invest Equity has a large investment team with extensive experience within private equity investments, including strategy development, M&A, business development and management through growth and change as well as generational successions.

Private equity funds
Our first private equity fund was established in July 2005, and since then four additional funds have been added to our portfolio. Maj Invest Equity advises all five funds: LD Equity 1 K/S, LD Equity 2 K/S, LD Equity 3 K/SMaj Invest Equity 4 K/S and Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S. The latest fund was established in October 2016.