Principal adverse sustainability impacts statement

This declaration applies to Maj Invest Equity A/S (LEI: 549300QQ2JBUC6CKB403) and concerns the reference period from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022. Maj Invest Equity manages alternative investment funds (AIFs) and is subject to elements of SFDR. As the requirements concerning sustainability classification and reporting enter into force and are incorporated, Maj Invest Equity will to a greater extent be able to apply sustainability factors to management and the provision of funds. Maj Invest Equity’s investment teams select investments according to fixed investment decision processes. The approach may vary between strategies, but includes cooperation with external consultants, including with focus on assessment of ESG factors. Read more about this in Maj Invest Equity’s Responsible Investment Policy. Sustainability factors may be one of several factors in the overall assessment, depending on the individual investment strategy. Maj Invest Equity aims for the products/services offered by Maj Invest Equity to include funds with a higher sustainability classification (Article 8 or 9). The products/services that Maj Invest Equity has currently classified according to SFDR, Article 8 or 9, are stated in Maj Invest Equity’s Sustainability Risk Policy. Maj Invest Equity takes account of the principal adverse impacts of Maj Invest Equity’s investment decisions on sustainability factors for the products/services that in Appendix 1 to the Sustainability Risk Policy are classified in accordance with SFDR, Article 8 or 9. In Appendix 1 to the Policy, Maj Invest Equity has described the principal adverse impacts with regard to sustainability factors, and stated how Maj Invest Equity identifies and prioritises the principal adverse impacts with regard to sustainability factors. Maj Invest Equity’s Policy also presents a summary of the Active Ownership Policy (Responsible Investment), as well as references to international standards.