Sector-focused investors

We are a Danish private equity firm with offices in Denmark, India, and Peru. For over 10 years, we've invested in inclusive financial services, emphasizing digital growth and sustainable impact. Since 2010, we've made 15+ investments, leveraging our unique expertise and networks to build bigger, better companies.

Our Investment Strategy

We invest to achieve compelling financial returns alongside significant developmental impact. Through our sector-specific strategy, we provide specialized expertise and robust network support for our investments.

Invest in Growth 

  • Innovative, Inclusive Companies
  • Qualified, Growth-Stage Firms
  • Empowering underserved communities

Active Ownership

  • Drive operational value as active minority investors
  • Board participation and leverage expertise
  • Engage proactively in strategic decision-making.

Strategic Minority Stakes with Purpose

  • 5-30% minority positions with protection rights to share strategy and growth plans
  • Long-term sustainable companies enabling financial inclusion 

Our history

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