Jeppe Christiansen

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Jeppe Christiansen established Maj Invest in 2005 and has been CEO of the Maj Invest group since the establishment. In addition, Jeppe was CEO of Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond (LD) from 2004 and until 1 April 2009. Prior to that, Jeppe was Executive Director in Danske Bank (1998-2004) with responsibility for group equity business and corporate international banking. In the period 1988-1998 Jeppe worked for LD, first as CIO (1988-1993) and later on as Executive Director with responsibility for the equity business (1993-1998). Prior to that he worked as an economist with SDS as responsible for the international capital position (1986-1988). Jeppe holds an MSc from the University of Copenhagen (1985).

Among other things, Jeppe is Chairman of the Board of Haldor Topsøe A/S as well as member of the Board of Directors at Kirkbi A/S and Novo Holdings A/S.

Jeppe Christiansen's other executive functions and directorships are listed in the annual report of Maj Invest Holding A/S.