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Investment strategy

Maj Invest Southeast Asia has a growth and value-oriented investment strategy with focus on operational improvements and a hands-on approach. The two funds, Maj Invest Equity Vietnam I K/S and Maj Invest Equity Southeast Asia II K/S, are actively involved in securing growth in existing and new markets and apply global best practices to increase professionalisation of boards, management and key business processes. The funds acquire a significant minority position of approx. 20-40%.

Maj Invest focuses on sectors which benefit from increasing income and consumption, especially in the growing middle class and with low exposure to global crisis. The target companies are mature small and mid-cap companies with a turnover of USD 10-100 million and a proven business model and track record. Sector focus is on production and distribution, consumer goods and services, retail, healthcare, education, IT services, leisure, and food production.

The exit strategy of the funds is primarily based on industrial sales in connection with consolidation in the relevant industries. In addition, initial public offerings and secondary sales will also be considered.