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About Asset Management

Maj Invest Asset Management offers asset management services to professional and institutional clients. A number of investment strategies within equities, fixed income and asset allocation are offered through segregated mandates, pooled funds in Luxembourg and a mutual fund based in Denmark.

All strategies have an active as well as a long-term investment approach, and it is Maj Invest’s core belief that this approach requires profound understanding of the global, regional and local dynamics impacting financial market returns. As a long-term investor it is one of our greatest skills to look through short-term and unpredictable changes and instead focus on the structural changes and long-term underlying fundamentals. Sometimes it is possible for long-term investors to make attractive contrarian investments arising from short-term and unpredictable movements in the market, which might be perceived as irrational.

Our strategies are characterised by a broad investment universe, but at the same time the portfolio construction is concentrated and reflects a high conviction approach in the selection of securities.