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The Maj Way

Working with the financial markets puts you in the middle of an interesting paradox. You can work very hard for your clients; however, you cannot promise a precise return, guarantee exact growth rates or predict precise rates of interest.

As a provider of financial services you can only promise your clients professionalism combined with the very best intentions. That’s why it is vital for us to communicate our philosophical approach to everything we do and to promise our clients that certain core values reflect all aspects of what we do.

There is no such thing as a short horizon

A short horizon does not exist. If there is no element of distance, it is something else – not a horizon. The concept of short horizon is simply a rhetorical contradiction – and also a financial road which Maj Invest refuses to take.

At Maj Invest we only work with real horizons, i.e. we work with long-term perspectives, growth over time and fundamental trends - and thus not with tomorrow's events and the dictates of populism.

This might sound boring. But we prefer the word conservative. And as a return profile it is actually anything but boring. We claim that the world is relatively predictable in the long run. Certain factors have an order, and logic can teach us a great deal - also when it comes to growth and investment opportunities. But time as an element cannot be eliminated.

Return is worth the wait. 

Knowledge is the key to success

Knowledge and modesty are key words. Both are important in their own way. Returns are obtained by converting knowledge into financial action. This is also why we consider Maj Invest a knowledge base above all. The underlying basis for success is to keep the knowledge base on an extremely high level and to create procedures which help to ensure the retrieval and sharing of new knowledge. 

We do not aim to be smarter than others, but we certainly aim to be smarter than yesterday. Thus we only employ highly skilled people with extensive financial market experience, who know that their job requires an equal portion of energy and respect.