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Sector:Environment & recycling
Entry year:2021
Fund:Maj Invest Equity 5 K/S
Other shareholders:PKA, management and board of directors

CEO:Poul Steen Rasmussen
Chairman:Christian Jørgensen
Maj Invest contact:Mads Andersen

Revenue:DKK 365 million
EBITDA:DKK 88 million

Business model

The environmental company Genan is the world's largest high-tech recycler of end-of-life tyres. Sustainability and circular economy are core values in the Genan group, and the company has a total of six recycling factories in four countries. With continuous production and technology optimisation, Genan aims to run all factories as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient as possible. The total production capacity exceeds 400,000 tons of tyres each year, and the end-of-life tyres are recycled into usable materials for many purposes, reducing carbon emission by 280,000 tons and thus contributing to solving a comprehensive, global environmental problem.