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Value creation

The funds contribute significantly to improving the management of the financial institutions by:

  • Being part of the Board and contributing to strategic and financial management of the portfolio companies
  • Providing growth equity to ensure capital adequacy of balance sheet, enabling increased debt funding to tap into growth potential
  • Participating in strategy formulation and revision, as well as supporting management in execution
  • Improving financial management processes
  • Improving corporate governance and increased level of professionalization for companies to transform to larger listed entities or targets for strategic sales
  • Improving governance practices
  • Supporting and improving social and environmental practices
  • Providing knowledge about best practices of the sector from other portfolio companies via board positions

For almost a decade Maj Invest has been managing private equity funds investing in the financial inclusion sector. Maj Invest has become a reputed player in the financial inclusion sector, with a strong network of international partners of investors and development finance institutions. Maj Invest is now among the largest managers in the world managing equity investments. 

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