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Third closing of Maj Invest Financial Inclusion Fund III

27 Apr. 2021

Maj Invest is pleased to announce its third closing of Maj Invest Financial Inclusion Fund III, now with a total commitment of USD 152 million. Welcoming new Danish and international institutional investors and family offices, and re-ups from existing investors. Final closing is expected in December 2021.

Maj Invest Financial Inclusion continues its strategy of investing directly with growth equity in the top segment of financial institutions servicing a very large client group of billions of people below the middle class in selected countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, with focus on India.

The Covid-19 crisis continues to influence the financial inclusion industry, impacting profitability and liquidity in the short term. However, in the longer term the industry is expected to bounce back while the large demand for basic financial services, increasingly provided by fintech and digital solutions, will continue and be an important parameter for restoring economic growth.