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Social impact

The funds advocate the protection of social and environmental sustainability to promote corporate social responsibility. It is crucial for the funds that the portfolio companies adhere to internationally recognised social impact standards and client protection principles, have policies that protect clients from overindebtedness and guarantee reasonable pricing.

Research has shown that the quantitative significance of social impact is difficult to establish. It is the opinion of the funds that financial inclusion of the poorest part of the population in a developing country can be a significant contribution to economic growth. However, financial inclusion must be accompanied by other initiatives to alleviate poverty, including a stable political and economic macro environment together with investments in infrastructure, education, health and other important sectors.

As such financial inclusion is not a guarantee for prosperity for everyone with access – the same with ordinary financial access in the developed world - but it creates an important opportunity for each individual and contributes to the financial infrastructure of developing countries to the benefit of long-term social and economic growth.

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